brb while i move to new york

SJP dancingSo, I’m moving to New York! I’ve lived in Brooklyn before, in Williamsburg right around the time it started to be cool to live in Williamsburg, but as Mr. Dickens once put it, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” haha. Being young, naive, broke and without a college education isn’t the best way to make your mark on a city that takes so much out of you. That being said, I feel lucky to have a chance to try it again, this time with my head, my degree and a full-time job in tow. The next 2 months will be transitional for me, as it will be for this site and I’ll resume posting once I am settled. While I’m sad to be leaving Philadelphia behind, I am excited about what New York will bring for me. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts so far, and I hope you’ll stick around for what this next, very exciting chapter will bring.

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ants pants cafe – the bee’s knees of philadelphia byo brunch

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I’m always on the hunt for new brunch spots in Philadelphia. For me, Green Eggs Cafe and Morning Glory will always be on the top of my list and on the top of most “Best Brunch in Philly” articles, but this past Sunday I dined at Ants Pants Cafe, a BYO eatery at 22nd and South and it is now my new #1 pick for Best Brunch in Philadelphia.

Ants Pants brings Australian cafe culture to Philadelphia and the food was so out of this world delicious that I’ll be thinking about it until I get to go back. We ordered a flat white (sort of like Turkish coffee), fresh squeezed OJ (the best I’ve had, ever), a Hot & Sweet Bacon Egg and Cheese Roll (egg, bacon, cheese, and maple syrup on the best bread you’ll ever have), and the Salmon Platter (LOX anyone?). We sat outside in this cute little indoor-outdoor dining terrace they have at the back of the restaurant because the dining room was a bit cramped. The only complaint I could have would be the amount of wait time BUT I’m one who prefers down-time without interruption to enjoy my meal so whether or not that bothers you is really determined by your preference.

Katelyn Elisabeth - Ants Pants Cafe Specials

Katelyn Elisabeth - Ants Pants Cafe

Katelyn Elisabeth - Ants Pants Cafe

Katelyn Elisabeth - Ants Pants Cafe, Flat White

Katelyn Elisabeth - Ants Pants Cafe, Hot & Sweet Bacon, Egg and Cheese Roll

Katelyn Elisabeth - Ants Pants Cafe, Salmon Platter

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she’s a hurricane

This past weekend I had an amazing time seeing The Fray in concert for the first time with my BFF. The show was at Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing which is an outdoor venue on the waterfront in Philadelphia so I had to plan my outfit according to the 95 degree heat that day. I also knew we would probably end up walking around a lot so I decided to start with my footwear and in this case I went with my maroon chucks. For a more relaxed look I tied the laces under the tongue of the shoe. Nothing goes better with Converse All-Stars than denim so I decided to pair my DIY high-waisted jean shorts with a black crochet/sweater-like halter crop top. I used my first attempt at a watercolor/ombre mani and while they didn’t turn out perfect, I think they’re still pretty cool :) I painted my nails all white (Essie Blanc) and then after that coat dried, I mixed the white with my favorite purple polish and applied using the short edge of a make-up sponge to create the fading effect. Aviators and backpack on and I’m out the door for some concert fun!

Katelyn Elisabeth - The Fray Concert

Katelyn Elisabeth - Watercolor Mani

Katelyn Elisabeth - The Fray Concert

Here are some photos we managed to Instagram from the concert itself – we had a blast!

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