how to create a white space instagram

Instagram is limited in customization so I was excited when I noticed a trend on my dashboard of these super chic looking white borders in all shapes and sizes around photos that helped make Instagram look more like a curated collage rather than a camera roll. Here’s a pic of my own white space Instagram account:

You can’t achieve the border in Instagram itself and unfortunately once you have a border, Instagram filters apply color changes to the white background as well. Thankfully I found an amazing app called Afterlight that allows me to not just add whatever border I like, but I can also adjust the size, apply more sophisticated filters than what’s available on Instagram, and I can also apply basic edits like brightness and exposure. Here’s how you too can create your own white border Instagram…

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she’s a hurricane

This past weekend I had an amazing time seeing The Fray in concert for the first time with my BFF. The show was at Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing which is an outdoor venue on the waterfront in Philadelphia so I had to plan my outfit according to the 95 degree heat that day. I also knew we would probably end up walking around a lot so I decided to start with my footwear and in this case I went with my maroon chucks. For a more relaxed look I tied the laces under the tongue of the shoe. Nothing goes better with Converse All-Stars than denim so I decided to pair my DIY high-waisted jean shorts with a black crochet/sweater-like halter crop top. I used my first attempt at a watercolor/ombre mani and while they didn’t turn out perfect, I think they’re still pretty cool :) I painted my nails all white (Essie Blanc) and then after that coat dried, I mixed the white with my favorite purple polish and applied using the short edge of a make-up sponge to create the fading effect. Aviators and backpack on and I’m out the door for some concert fun!

Katelyn Elisabeth - The Fray Concert

Katelyn Elisabeth - Watercolor Mani

Katelyn Elisabeth - The Fray Concert

Here are some photos we managed to Instagram from the concert itself – we had a blast!

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