3-day blended juice cleanse review – jus by julie

1 jus by julie morning glory2 jus by julie spicy lemonade2 jus by julie spicy pome-nade

3 jus by julie sweet spin4 jus by julie acai blend4 jus by julie chia berry

5 jus by julie choco-nana5 jus by julie island coconut6 jus by julie xtreme greens

Let me preface this post with stating that I am the biggest skeptic of diet anything, ever. I am aware that the best health strategy is feeding yourself in moderation and with fresh ingredients while simultaneously treating your body right with whatever exercise regimen suits your lifestyle. That being said, I felt particularly discouraged entering 2015 with eating habits that I was ashamed of – I’m no longer in college and cheerleading which means no more built-in workout in my day and no more healthy prepared meals waiting for me in the cafeteria. I’ve lost control of portion, of cravings, and therefore, of my diet and health. I needed to try something different.

The purpose of this 3-day cleanse was not to “detoxify” or lose weight – the purpose was to force change in the way that I mentally treat my meals; I wanted to re-learn how to recognize hunger vs. cravings and to know when I’ve had enough food. Jus by Julie did that for me, and here’s how:

I found this cleanse on Groupon (cleanse with a buddy for a discount, thanks to my co-worker cleanse buddy G-wow!) and was drawn to the fact that the juices are blended and not cold-pressed, meaning that more fiber is retained in the juicing process, and that despite the fact that juice cleanses are essentially a sugar-y short-term food fast, the blended juices were still providing my body some really great vitamins and just enough protein that I wasn’t going to be a total sloth for 3-days. Unlike many of the blog posts that I’ve read about this cleanse in particular, I’ve chosen to include the nutritional information of the drinks (just click the title of the beverage) which many others haven’t realized that you need to double the nutritional information as the label indicates 2 servings per bottle. For even deeper context, I’ve provided a sample day of what the cleanse meant for my own personal caloric intake with a screenshot from MyFitnessPal which measures my BMR and indicates what my ideal macronutrient levels are for the day to maintain my current weight, and compares the major nutritional categories against my diet for the day. Please disregard serving size for my entries – the bottles are in fact 8 oz. per bottle but some of the entries that were “8 oz.” serving information only actually accounted for 1 serving and so I had to double them.

KatelynElisabeth MyFitnessPal Jus by Julie

You’ll notice that I’m waaaaay over in sugar and crazy under in protein, which is obviously cause for concern for a regular diet. Whether sugar is coming from a fruit or natural source or it’s coming from a soda, sugar is empty calories and your body doesn’t interpret them differently in the grand scheme of your health. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Something to certainly be mindful of when selecting your ideal cleanse.

Day 1

10 AM – Morning Glory

I had to wait to have my first juice as the juices were all still frozen, so I had a black coffee with some Stevia while I waited for it to completely defrost. Morning Glory tastes super fresh and although I don’t love veggies first thing in the morning, I was haaaangry so it was welcome. This was also great for the morning because it was thick and therefore I took my time drinking it.

11:50 AM – Spicy Lemonade

Cupcakes in work fridge – oh no, juice time. Super lemon-y, I love lemons so this is tasty. It tastes extra sugar-y as well, yay for sweet tooth satisfaction, though you may find you need to water this down. I was nervous that I’d be dying by now (ha!) but the portion sizes of these juices are out of control so what feels like solid chugging for the past 10 minutes has only left a ¼ dent in the bottle.

1:20 PM – Sweet Spin

I was feeling a little hungry (or at least my brain was telling me I was as everyone else is eating) so I grabbed Sweet Spin a bit early since I started late and decided to nurse it for a while. SHAKE WELL, this one is thicker. It reminds me of the Green Machine Naked Juice, but more vegetabley and lemony and therefore, better. I’m pleasantly surprised at how hungry I’m not feeling right now, and I’m sure chugging water is helping.

2:50 PM – Chia Berry

The juices so far have been pretty light and I know my next juice is my “dinner” juice so I’m going to indulge in my Chia Berry before the recommended 2-hour wait period. This is my favorite juice of the day, I LOVE berries, chia is awesome, it’s crazy good and I’m digging this right meow.

4:21 PM

Checking in as I feel a bit woozy – could be the lack of food, more likely the virtually unmonitored thyroid condition. Stay tuned.

5:00 PM – Not So Chunky

15 minutes ago the girl who sits next to me at work made popcorn and let me say that the smell is HEAVENLY. It was an actual miracle that I waited as long as I did for my “dinner” juice. There are cupcakes in the office fridge and an assortment of cookies and artisanal chocolates on the kitchen table so I think I deserve a hug from everyone out there because this chick stood strong despite the delicious obstacles I faced en route to my Not So Chunky.

This is banana + peanut butter and I’m not a huge peanut fan in general but it’s sweet and the added thickness to this drink compared to others is super welcome because not going to lie, I am actually hungry for the first time today. 5 PM though? Not too shabby.

7:00 PM – Xtreme Greens

Not hungry, but definitely sleepy. It took me a while to finish this one because while it tasted great, it smelled very bizarre.

Day 2

6:00 AM and I’m not hungry!

9:00 AM, black coffee with stevia

10:00 AM – Morning Glory

Sweet, loving greens, I feel like a pro.

12:00 PM – Spicy Lemonade

This tastes very acid-y and sweet to me today. Surprising amount of energy for mid-day with no solid foods for the past day and a half. My sense of smell is definitely heightened ;)

1:15 PM – Sweet Spin

Sweet Spin is my favorite drink. I have now had 3 people ask me about the cleanse and for more information

2:50 PM – Acai Blend

Glorified sugar water with very little nutritional value (by the way, don’t let anyone tell you that in the long-term, your body breaks down the sugar in this juice any differently than it breaks down the sugar in a can of coke because they’re fucking lying)…that being said, I love it. So do my co-workers.

4:35 PM – Island Coconut

This was the drink I couldn’t wait to try because every review of this cleanse that I’ve read more often than not indicated that THIS was the best drink of the entire cleanse. If you do not like coconut water, you probably will not like this drink. I really hate coconut water, but I also really love cinnamon, which is also in this drink. If you were to splash coconut water into golden graham milk, you’d achieve the taste of this drink. I’m undecided…

7:00 PM – Xtreme Greens

Really yummy, I love green drinks.

Day 3

You’ll notice I stop diary entries at Day 2. The reason being that Day 3 for me was a Saturday and I quite literally lounged around the house and didn’t need a diary because I drank my juices and didn’t even have to think about it. No hunger, no headaches, no weariness.

The day after the cleanse, I started the morning with scrambled egg whites and mid-day I had some steamed vegetables. In the past, this couldn’t suffice for even one meal let alone two. I feel better knowing that while during my cleanse there were moments I thought to myself, “hm, I’d really love some cheese pizza right now”, but post-cleanse I’m thinking, “Broccoli would taste excellent at the moment. Maybe I’ll have some cous cous too”. If you’re on the fence about it, I say do it. You have nothing to lose and what I didn’t gain in A+ nutrition these past few days, I have gained in self-control and the way I think about my hunger.

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