how to create a white space instagram

Instagram is limited in customization so I was excited when I noticed a trend on my dashboard of these super chic looking white borders in all shapes and sizes around photos that helped make Instagram look more like a curated collage rather than a camera roll. Here’s a pic of my own white space Instagram account:

You can’t achieve the border in Instagram itself and unfortunately once you have a border, Instagram filters apply color changes to the white background as well. Thankfully I found an amazing app called Afterlight that allows me to not just add whatever border I like, but I can also adjust the size, apply more sophisticated filters than what’s available on Instagram, and I can also apply basic edits like brightness and exposure. Here’s how you too can create your own white border Instagram…

I started with this adorable photo of Little Buddy. Save it to your phone’s camera roll.


Open the Afterlight app – you can either tap the camera icon to the left to activate your camera to take the photo right then, or you can tap the image icon to the right to choose a photo that is already in your camera roll. When you have a photo you’re happy with, tap “use”.

afterlight screenshot

Now you’ll have a mini dashboard at the bottom of the screen to edit your photo. To create the white border, select the icon to the far right on the dashboard (a circle inside of a square) and select “original” to access basic shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, diamonds, etc. and adjust the border to your liking as pictured below. Tap the check button when you’re happy with it. On your dashboard you can tap the sliding bars to make basic edits to your photo like brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. or you can tap the color wheel to use one of many available pre-created photo filters.

afterlight_dashboard  afterlight_whitespace  afterlight_filter

When you’re satisfied with the photo, tap “done” and you’ll be directed to an export screen where you can select res and where you’d like to save.


It’s a few added steps to make your post but it’s an easy-peasy way to customize and elevate your Instagram page. The app is $0.99 in the app store, but I’ve found that I use it enough just for editing alone to justify the purchase. Of course feel free to comment with any questions that you have, and send me a screenshot of your new Instagram!

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