day date in chinatown

I had previously posted about (1) this great boutique in Chinatown and (2) my outfit from my Chinatown date but I wanted to include photos from the other great parts of our date because it was so amazing! First we stopped at Bread Top House – this great little corner store in Chinatown.


HelloKitty3 We got a few buns – can’t beat 80 cents a pop! :)

HelloKitty1We also grabbed some Vietnamese iced coffee. It’s made with condensed milk so it’s extra creamy. Plus, it comes in this FANTASTIC Hello Kitty cup. Naturally, I gave Mike the iced coffee in the Pikachu cup.

DSCN0642Next, we made our way to this great little mall of knick-knacks


DSCN0647There was SO much to look at!

DSCN0649Naturally, I gravitated to the $8 sleeping kitten figurines…

DSCN0654This place even had furniture. This piece happened to be $1,000! O_O

We had such a great time. What is your favorite Chinatown hot spot? Share with me in the comments below!



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