outfit of the day – statement scarf

I enjoy lookin’ and feelin’ good so after a particularly dull day of studying I decided to use a simple trip to the grocery store for a photo-op, naturally. I believe everyone should have one brightly colored scarf or other similar cold weather accessory to add some ‘happy’ to the typical brown and black coats we wear when fighting the elements. I’m obsessed with this aviator-type leather jacket that I was lucky enough to get as a hand-me down. I’m also really into small backpacks instead of handbags these days. This one is from Nine West and I got it for my trip to Paris a few months back so that I could easily carry my camera, travel journal and other items that would likely have felt heavy in a tote.




OOTD1Leather Jacket: American Eagle // Chunky Sweater: Forever 21 // Denim: Gap Premium Skinny
Booties: Gap Outlet // Scarf: Consignment // Backpack: Nine West // Gloves: Jack Wills // Fur-lined Head Band: Aerie



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