philly fashion find – gyration boutique

Today in Philadelphia we were blessed with GORGEOUS weather so I took full advantage and spent most of the day outside and thank goodness I did because while walking around Chinatown I found the most adorable consignment boutique and the owner was kind enough to let me take some photos while I browsed. At Gyration Boutique there is literally something for everyone. Some of the items are gently used but I was pleasantly surprised by how many items were new with tags. I purchased a basic shirt for $7 but also took time to swoon over the $900 Chanel and the $1500 Lanvin. The boutique also seemed to have garments of their own that were all absolutely adorable and ranged from $50-$100. Despite the fact that my shirt was only $7 the owner took the time to steam it for me while I tried more clothes on before I left. Found the cutest pair of shoes but alas, too big! Of course with my boyfriend there I couldn’t spend hours like I would have liked but needless to say, I will be back again soon.









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