Philly Fashion Week 2014

Photo cred:
Photo cred:

You’re lookin’ at one of this year’s Philly Fashion Week front end volunteers! ;) I decided to volunteer this year to start integrating myself into the local Philadelphia fashion scene and I’m excited to get some hands-on fashion week experience and hopefully rub elbows with some of Philly’s finest fashion elite.

Philly Fashion Week was created by Kerry Scott and Kevin Parker, the founders of FBH The Agency and I had the opportunity to interview with them both while they were screening for volunteers. Needless to say, I nearly died. For those of you who watch Project Runway, I’m most excited to see Dom Streater’s collection (she’s the most recent Project Runway winner) who will be showing in this years Ready to Wear runway show…seriously can’t wait!

My favorite Dom Streater design from Project Runway
My favorite Dom Streater design from Project Runway

Philly Fashion Week takes place from Feb 17th-22nd and I’ll be sure to document my experience for the blog so be sure to add me on Instagram before all the fun begins on Tuesday so you can stay up to date on all of the action: @katelyn_bishop.

Check out the event list here and of course, let me know if you plan on attending! :D

Philly Fashion Week Schedule and Designer List



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