Appropriate Campus Style

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     So does anyone think Brit looks like a pop diva in the above photo?…or like anyone important for that matter? Ladies, this is what 50% of our female population looks like on a daily basis at school. When I began my college career, I fell into the category of stereotypical freshman who wears sweatpants, uggs, and a messy bun to class. If you were to stand in the main walk-through of a college campus today, you could literally handpick all of the college newbies using this method. It allows for naps pre and post class which was motivation enough for me to allow myself to look like a total and complete bum. Thankfully I grew out of that phase but my mind is still blown as a senior in an International Business program when girls show up to class in their Victoria’s Secret Pink sweats and their velour track jackets. I literally cringe when I see these girls then approach the professor after class to discuss an assignment looking like an absolute slob. Now that fitness is a “thing”, some girls have classed it up a bit by opting for Nike sneaks, jogging spandex, a colorful fleece and a baseball cap but, really?

     Then on the other side of the spectrum which, in my opinion, is just as shocking…you find girls who use Louis Vuitton bags for backpacks and who wear falsies every day of the year. WHO. WEARS. FALSIES. FOR. SCHOOL?! I mean, it’s just absurd. And while looking extra decked out may seem to be more respectable (while ridiculous), it also comes across as pretentious. As a college student presumably without full-time work, do you think your designer handbag and favorite Chanel lipstick you got for Christmas from your parents is going to impress your professor? Probably not.

So this poses the question – what is appropriate campus style?

1) Present yourself as a young professional – not like you literally rolled out of bed because you have to be there. Professors typically dress in suits or business casual and when you think about it – they aren’t there to impress us! It really should be the other way around. I understand certain days you can’t help that you missed your alarm or that you had to cram before school and so you really just want to be comfortable…fine. But shower or at the very least, wash your body and use dry shampoo to banish greasy hair. And instead of putting on your comfy slept-in sweatpants, opt for a pair of boyfriend-fit jeans and a baggy tee tucked in at the side. You’ll feel comfortable and like a total badass. Disheveled chic.


2) Leggings. are. not. pants. Everyone says it now, so I don’t know why I still see leggings as pants everywhere. Anything that draws attention to your butt, probably doesn’t bode well for impressing professors or making good girlfriends. Instead, wear a cute striped cotton mini and tuck in a button down chambray or a light oversized sweater, and finish with a pair of brown or black riding boots.


3) Natural make-up is best. This semester marks the 3rd girl I’ve had in a class of mine who wears false eyelashes to campus every single day, along with a full face of make-up and a fresh blow-out. Unless she’s having a hot date at 11:00 am, I really don’t understand the thought-process there. I love cosmetics and beauty but when it comes to school, keeping your routine simple will translate into an effortlessly chic look that won’t come across as either lazy or pretentious. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose a fun, juicy lipstick to amp up style and show off your personality. Take some beauty inspo from one of my fave Hollywood babes, Emma Watson. Use a light to medium coverage foundation and use an HD powder to finish for that fresh faced look. Use a light pink blush like Benefit’s Dandelion (my go-to everyday rouge) and Benefit’s Gimme Brow. For eyes, warm colors like nudes and browns are much more appropriate than harsh blacks. Tight-line your upper lash line for a natural bambi-eye look and finish with your favorite volumizing mascara and a peachy lip balm gloss.




3 thoughts on “Appropriate Campus Style

  1. LOVE THIS! I always cringed when I saw girls who wore high heels to school, like you know you have to walk from one side of the school to another, right? I think the term that should be highlighted is “take a shower.” And I love the clothing options you listed like bf jeans and a cute mini over tights…I want a mini skirt like that! =) Great post, hun!! <3

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