*End Hiatus*

I know, I’m the worst! I’ve fully neglected my blog for months on end…but I have the grades to prove all of that time was put to good use! BAM! ;)grades

I have so much to share that I can’t wait to get back on my blogging (and workout…and eating right…and being a real functioning human being…) grind. I’m already prepping posts to share what AMAZOIS gifts I received for Christmas (Mia 2, anyone?!) and I can’t wait to finally bring some life to my blog with some videos and tutorials courtesy of my beautiful new Nikon L820. Woo!

Also, my entire world is revolving around a Paris trip THIS WEEK. I depart Wednesday and I can’t wait to share my experiences, photos, tips, etc. with the world. JE NE PEUX PAS. So, all good things to come.

How was your holiday? I want to know! Leave a comment below with your favorite 2013 holiday memory.



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