Revlon to re-release discontinued lipstick shades dating back to the 1940’s

Calling all drugstore beauty junkies! For a limited time in Spring 2014 Revlon will be re-releasing favorite shades from Revlon’s lipstick past. The story is all too familiar – you finally find your favorite shade but eventually your shade gets discontinued. This typically hurts public opinion of cosmetic companies because it more or less forces you to start the hunt once more, but higher end cosmetic companies like MAC have had great success letting customers vote on their all-time favorite shades and re-releasing in minimum quantities. As far as drugstore brands go, Revlon is my favorite for lipstick so I can’t wait to get my hands on all 5 limited edition shades. Personally? I’m most excited for Fifth Avenue Red (1958) and Icy Violet (1946).

Image courtesy of Yahoo! Shopping

Here is the full list of nominees with the winners bolded:

1. Daredevil Pink 1972
2. Icy Violet 1946
3. Revlon Red 1988
4. Snow Peach 1956
5. Sandstorm 1999
6. Sphinx Pink 1962
7. Baby Berry 1998
8. Fifth Avenue Red 1958
9. Persian Melon 1957
10. Jungle Peach 1963

What shade are you most excited about?



2 thoughts on “Revlon to re-release discontinued lipstick shades dating back to the 1940’s

  1. Fifth Ave Red looks AMAZING for the holidays! I can only imagine the joy some people are feeling over this. There is nothing worse than finding THAT shade for yourself and then the worst…. Ok maybe slightly dramatic but you know

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