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I’ve never been a jewelry gal so I’ve always favored safer accessory choices – dainty silver necklaces and standard diamond or pearl studs – but since I’ve started merchandising for Chloe + Isabel, I’ve really developed a new appreciation for handcrafted jewelry made from quality metals and have since expanded my jewelry repertoire. I’ve surprised myself and have found that despite previously leaning towards silver jewelry, I really love gold jewelry for my pale skin and so my jewelry pick of the week are the gilded reed pieces from our Natural Luxe collection. The gilded reed pieces pictured above are made with worn 12K gold with Aventurine, a semi-precious sea-foam green stone. Like all of the jewelry from my site, these pieces are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. The pendant and ring would look great paired with a sheer white or black top, jeans, and some colorful pumps.

Shine on, gilded goddesses.



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