The Cat’s Meow: Essie – Wrapped in Rubies

I paint my nails every Sunday when I have a bit of downtime while I catch up on all of the shows that my boyfriend can’t stand to watch with me and I’m super excited to have found my new favorite nail color yesterday. While I was at CVS getting allergy medicine in bulk that allows me to live with my animals (have I mentioned that I’m basically deathly allergic to my own cats to the point that I’ve developed asthma? *cue i don’t know whether to think your undying love for your cats is sweet or literally insane) and I saw this really great metallic red/orange Essie color that I thought was perfect for Fall.
photo 1The color is Essie #408, Wrapped In Rubies. I was nervous because in the bottle there seemed to be streaks of glistening orange that were distinct and separate from the red but that didn’t show through when applied.

photo 3

photo (5)

Sorry for the messy application – I can’t find the paintbrush I usually use to clean up the edges but I didn’t want to not post while the paint job was still fresh so you could see how GORGEOUS the color is.



3 thoughts on “The Cat’s Meow: Essie – Wrapped in Rubies

  1. That is such a gorgeous color and I love the name, too! =) Also, your kitty cat is very cute, I love orange kitty cats! <3

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