Sweet Treats for Fall, Eco-friendly too!



A guest post from my stepmom Rita about her experience with the caramel jar in creating her wedding favors. They’re handmade, from scratch & packaged with eco-friendly materials. They’re a great treat for weddings, parties, gifts, or just because. Thank you so much for sharing! :D

We were looking for unique favors for our fall-themed wedding last October. We wanted something that our guests would remember. Like I do for all things, I took to Etsy to find that “perfect favor”.  By chance, I stumbled upon TheCaramelJar, a local and eco-friendly company that specializes in organic handmade caramels. I was completely intrigued by the thought of sweet/salty caramels (we chose the Fleur de Sel caramels) and immediately placed an order for a sample.  There are no other words to describe these caramels other than TO DIE FOR!! We immediately knew TheCaramelJar would be featured at our wedding along with many other events since that day. The owner, Nicole, was a dream to work with! She is friendly and helpful and did I mention organized? I don’t know how she does it all but Nicole is able to keep track of hundreds of orders and ensure your caramels arrive on time and intact.  Nicole really makes you feel like you are her “special” customer no matter how large or small your order.  I absolutely love ordering from TheCaramelJar—not to mention supporting a local girl who is running a successful, eco-friendly business!!

The caramels were an absolute hit at our wedding! I cannot begin to tell you the number of guests that called/emailed asking “where did you get those caramels??” after the wedding. In fact, one guest was so addicted that when he found a left over caramel in the seat of his car a couple of weeks later, he tore that caramel open and ate it! We have placed many orders since the wedding…Christmas, Birthdays, and even just because for my husband! Each time we are just blown away. We chose to buy loose caramels and package them ourselves for the wedding. They came individually wrapped in natural unbleached parchment paper and then packed in neat little bundles of eco-friendly wax paper. They arrived on time and in perfect condition in their cute little packaging.  Nicole also offers pre-packaged caramels for weddings, baby shower favors & gifts. I recently purchased the mason jars filled with the Fleur de Sel caramels for my sister’s baby shower. They were so perfectly packaged with cute little signs on each jar. Many guests had remembered the caramels from our wedding and were fighting to win one of these tasty prizes!

Nicole offers many different flavors of caramels- Fleur de Sel (with natural sea salt), Old Fashioned Vanilla, Cashew, Old Fashioned Butter…the list goes on and on! She even does some seasonal flavors throughout the year for those special occasions. TheCaramelJar has become a huge hit all over the US. Nicole’s shop has been featured in Food & Wine, Huffington Post, FOLK Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings {Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Wedding}, Brides Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens and on Etsy! Not bad for what started out in the small-town of Danville PA!! This is just a validation of the amazing experience and taste that you will get when ordering from TheCarmelJar!!! Good luck trying not to order more once you taste this little slice of heaven.



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