Influenster #GoodVoxBox Unboxing*

I’m a part of this really great program called Influenster. It’s a free site where you can link up all of your social media accounts to achieve an Influenster score that simply rates your online influence. Next, you complete surveys and write reviews on your favorite products in different “badge” categories which essentially lets Influenster know which topics you’re most interested and influential in. There are 2 types of categories – Expert in which you can only choose 5 topics that you consider your specialty and Lifestyle which are very broad badges that you can have as many or as little as you’d like. Every month they have different what they’ve termed as “VoxBox” programs where they’ll send qualifying Influensters goods based on their score to review on their social media. Luckily, I qualified for my first lifestage VoxBox which happens to be the #GoodVoxBox and is comprised of health related products. Check out all of the great stuff I received and keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks as I’ll be reviewing each product!

These products were complimentary and were given to me for the purpose of review c/o Influenster.


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