The Perfect Pink Lipstick: Covergirl Heavenly

I’m a lipstick fiend and have at LEAST 15 lipsticks lying around my apartment and I’ve always been partial to pinks. Pink goes well with my pale skin tone and I appreciate the lipsticks that may not give a whole new color to your lip but rather enhance the pink-ish color we naturally have. Though I’ve been favoring Revlon lipsticks recently, I haven’t found a pink of theirs that I think to myself, “wow, this looks amazing!” so after some trial and error and a whole lot of CVS trips I think I’ve finally found my perfect pink – Covergirl Heavenly (# 260). It’s perfect in my mind because it’s appropriate for school and work but looks so great that I wouldn’t change it for going out. It goes on smooth and I don’t need to apply a balm beforehand like I have to with most other lipsticks. I do recommend scrubbing lips with either a lip scrub or simply with a toothbrush for best application though.




What do you think of this lipstick?


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