BRAS! Aerie’s Best EVA Sale!


I’m sort of obsessed with bras and lingerie. I always feel my most put together when I have cute, matching lingerie on. I used to work at an Aerie store where I learned how to measure (the right way) and I loved all of the different styles and colors that our bras came in. I know that girls are sort of hard wired to go to VS on impulse and not that there’s anything wrong with VS, but I much prefer the quality and fit of Aerie bras. I’ve found that they last longer and generally fit better – and that is WHY I really must share that Aerie is having a truly AMAZING sale right now. All bras are $20. Every. Single. One Is $20 + Free shipping. There is really no reason NOT to try at least one at that price.

1739_2837_073_ofI’m going to go ahead and recommend the Ella Gel bra. It is seriously the most comfortable bra I have ever owned and gives just the right amount of push-up that looks natural. It’s ordinarily $45 and you can pick them up in all different colors for just $20 this week.


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