The Cat’s Meow – An Introduction to Buddy

It’s no secret that I’m a crazy cat lady. All it takes is a quick scan of my Instagram account or Facebook posts to see that I love snapping photos of my cats and it’s definitely no secret why: my cats are awesome. Because Buddy will become a regular part of my blog considering that I can’t have a Cat’s Meow feature without my cat, I decided it’s only proper for me to introduce you to Buddy and to try to paint a picture that can hopefully show you all why he’s just so damn special.


^^ That is Little Buddy the first day I got him. A few days earlier, I saw a post on Facebook marketplace about a litter of 8-weeks old cats in a bad area of the city that couldn’t move with the family that found them. I went to pick him up and he was so teeny tiny he could fit in the palm of my hand and was clearly closer to 6 weeks old. Poor little bugger was COMPLETELY infested with fleas and because he was too young to take flea medication, we painstakingly gave him a flea bath once a day (and being the awesome share-er buddy is, he passed his fleas onto our adult cat Dora as well!)


We knew early on that Buddy was a super special cat with a quirky personality to match my own (see him attempting to eat my homework in the picture above).


Sadly our adult cat Dora has had a hard time adjusting to Buddy’s energetic nature (In the picture above, I found them duking it out in the bathtub at 8:30 in the morning) but I think as he gets older, she appreciates him for the annoying little brother he is (Caught snuggling when no one was looking in the picture below). And though he literally wreaked HAVOC on our household as a kitten, being the spirited individual he is, he has turned into the most compassionate and loving cat.


He is seriously the best friend a gal could have!



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