Style Envy: Bethany Joy Lenz

This is the first of a new feature on my blog – Style Envy. I’ll be choosing some of my fave celeb styles and sharing them on here, and I’ll do my best to make sure I can let you know where you can find similar, if not the same, styles too.


So first up is one of my favorite actress’s, Bethany Joy Lenz – isn’t she perfect?! I discovered and fell in love with her through her character Haley on One Tree Hill (whaddup 90’s darlings!) and I’ve only grown to love her more the more I learn about her. Her blog is great and you can check it out by clicking the image above. I recently saw her on my favorite show Dexter as Dexter’s new love interest Cassie so I was checking out her blog and saw that each Wednesday she posts her own Wardrobe Wednesday (can you say WCW?!) to showcase her style of the day. Here’s a shot of her Wardrobe Wednesday from back in January. It’s an oldie, but I thought this outfit is TOTALLY appropriate for some cute fall, back-to-school inspiration.

photo 1Jacket: H&M
Top: Audrey
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Seychelles
Hat: Vintage Chelton wool

Not only is she fabulous but she shops at normal people stores too! I love the floppy wool hat and will definitely be stealing that style inspiration as a staple in my regular wardrobe this fall. I’m also loving her polka dot top! She’s just adorable.


What do you think of Bethany Joy’s look?


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