Back To School – Thank God for Amazon Prime!

Hello darlings!

As August comes to a close, I’m trying to get myself excited for back-to-school and I do so by getting myself super prepared and having a little bit of fun with back to school shopping. I’m an UBER over-achiever and as I mentioned in my previous post about maximizing professor relationships here, I’ve already sent out e-mails to my professors introducing myself and asking if it’s possible to rent copies of the textbook so I can save some MOOLAH.

My primary reason for this post though is to share with you what I recently bought with my Amazon Prime account. If you don’t already know about Prime, it’s really amazing. When you have a prime account, you can get any prime eligible item with free 2-day shipping which is fantastic and the best part is that as a student, you can get your first year of Prime for free, and then after that, you receive a 50% discount on Prime membership which ends up being $39 a year. On top of free 2-day shipping, if you have a Kindle, you get one book to “borrow” each month, and you also have access to free video streams. If you’re an urbanite like me, you probably know that shopping as a student can be costly in the city. Drugstore prices are out of this world and if you have a few weeks before you can go home to bulk up on household supplies, Amazon Prime can help you get simple toiletries and snacks cheaper than you would at the grocery store and it’s all delivered for free.

You can learn more about signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime Student here. These are the items that I picked up on Amazon today:


I prefer using 5-subject notebooks to binders because they’re less clunky, they come in pretty colors, and I don’t need to worry about missing papers. Generally 5-subject notebooks at Staples can run you anywhere between $11-20 depending on how hardcore of a notebook you need. The list price for this green 5-subject notebook on Amazon is $9.99 but there was actually a $1.00 coupon available so I got it for $8.99 and free shipping! I love that there’s material covering the wire binding which will make it easier to carry and hopefully prevent the wire from bending with use. It also has cute colorful poly dividers which have folders to keep the book organized and also leaves a handy place to keep syllabi! :)


In the city a Venus razor will run you about $12 and refills are about $15. I found this Venus Embrace razor on Amazon for $8.59 and it comes with 2 replacement razor heads. There was also a 50% off coupon so I was able to bag it for $4 and change, with free shipping! Yay nice legs!

41j3SCoCVoL._AA160_I’m literally obsessed with candles and I’m excited to try this brand that claims to have 100 hours burn time, and from the reviews I’ve read that promise holds true. The one I purchased has 3 layers – apple pie, cinnamon and vanilla. YUM!?! It was only $8.99 and again, free shipping.

411jHbWeRDL._AA160_I like to have a few leisure reads to have aside from school texts to enjoy when I have a long wait on campus between classes or for my daily subway commute. I chose Girls In White Dresses and was able to nab a new paperback copy for $11.46 with of course, FREE SHIPPING! I’ll let you guys know how it is. :)

Now, go forth and Prime!


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