Eat Yourself Skinny & Get Fit

Hi everyone! I need to share because I found this GREAT blog from Pinterest – EatYourselfSkinny. Her name is Kelly and I’ve been referring to her site all week for tasty, quick, low-cal recipes.

I’m obsessed. What I particularly love about this blog is that her recipes are just modified versions of our favorites – pizzas, desserts, pastas, etc. are not off limits – but she takes the guess work out of figuring out proper low-cal substitutions for ingredients (who knew you could use cauliflower for pizza crust?! this girl didnt!). It’s also great for those of us who are just starting to cook for ourselves. Honestly, I can’t even cook a chicken breast properly, and I was able to easily follow her recipes. Though I didn’t have all of the ingredients, they were really easy to find and I’m lucky enough to live near the Italian market in Philly so I was able to get most of my produce and spices for next to nothing.

Probably the BEST thing about Kelly’s blog is that the nutritional information is listed for almost every single recipe on her site. This aspect makes it easy for me to plug my meals into MyFitnessPal so that I can continue to meet my BMR and macro nutrients. :) I’ve shared links to 2 recipes that are tried and true from this week from her blog.

Skinny Chicken Enchiladas


Roasted Potato & Sweet Corn Salad




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