Spring Style Series – Outfit 2 (Dressing for Rain)

With spring comes the old addage “april showers bring may flowers.” Well, I’d like to alter this statement because in my existence on Earth, I’ve observed MAY showers bringing June flowers. But how’s a girl to know what to wear on a day it’s raining all day and it’s cold in the morning but not in the afternoon? LAYERS. Well what kind of layers? Layers of black. Nothing says “I’m chic today” more than a sleek black outfit on a dull rainy day.

This Dawn Levy leather sleeve trench from Nordstrom is a new take on this rainy-day classic. At $331, it’s not too terrible on the wallet and think of how many rainy days you’ll be stylin’ in with this jacket! Not to mention, you’ll look like a total bad-ass. In continuing with our bad-ass theme, no one REALLY likes the way rainboots look. I always opt for normal boots on rainy days. These heeled black Jessica Simpson boots from Piperlime help you stay true to your stylish and girly self, while still protecting your toes-ies from the rain. Finally, to complete your rainy day ensemble, try this light-pink v neck sweater from Zara with your favorite black leggings. To pull it all together, do it like gwen and put your hair in an easy top-knot and swipe on your favorite matte red lipstick! VOILA!

_7663758 1528002620_6_1_2 cn5512292hbz-topknot-Gwen-Stefani-lgn


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