My Creative and Tech-Savvy Wish List – A Christmas Blog

Since I was about 14, I’ve always created a “Christmas packet” each year to aid my parents gift purchases. Now, as a prerequisite because I do not want to come off bratty or pretentious, I need to say that in previous years, if not told EXACTLY what I’d like, my mom will buy me the most hideous furry cropped vest and the tackiest sequin purse (sorry mom, I know you thought they were cute) and that makes for a less than momentous Christmas. So, to avoid the massive amounts of returns the next day, I began to make a very detailed packet with a photo of the item I’d like, the color, size, price, and link to purchase it.

So, after many years of tinkering around with Word Art and being frustrated when Microsoft crashes, I decided to step my game up and instead make a Christmas blog. I’ve always enjoyed the photo layouts that tumblr offers, so I customized mine a bit, and created the ultimate Christmas wish list that my friends and family can go to, see an item, click it, and be immediately directed to the site to purchase! How wonderful, right?!

Hopefully, you’re inspired and will do the same. ;)

Here, take a look!


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