Too Faced Naked Eye Palette Review

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette – $36.00

Afternoon, darlings!

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of eyeshadow, and when I have, it’s been drugstore brands. In admiring Quinn Fabray’s makeup on Glee, I decided it was time to invest in a decent eye color palette and teach myself how to use it the right way. After doing a lot of research, I found that Too Faced palettes were being frequently recommended because of their high pigmentation, blendability, colors, and packaging. I went with the Naked Eye palette because I really enjoy the soft and sultry colors and because, SURPRISE! there’s a cute little pull-out box at the bottom of the palette that houses a secret applicator for eyeshadow on one end and a tightlining applicator on the other (though this is not pictured).

My review

What I love most about this palette is that it includes application instructions for 3 looks you can easily achieve with the palette (LITERALLY tells you where to put what colors)
1) Fashion -black and metallics for a dramatic smokey eye
2) Classic – sparkly pink and soft browns for a soft and sultry eye
3) Day – nudes and browns for every day wear

I found this to be extremely helpful as a newbie to shadow application. I’m very pale and look young for my age so typically shadows will make me look like a 13 year old who got into her moms makeup, but the softness of the colors in this palette looks extremely natural and I can actually FEEL like a woman in my makeup. I also love that a tight lining brush is included, making it easy to use the Stiletto black shadow as a sexy, softer liner alternative to pencil, gel, or liquid liner.

My favorite colors in this palette are lap dance and satin sheets – shimmery delicate pink and shimmery warm eggplant colors. I feel that at $36, it’s a worthy investment for girls like me who don’t go crazy with eye shadow but are instead looking for a great palette that works for day and night.

I would suggest purchasing a few extra wands for applying the colors to your lid, as only one is provided. I would also suggest investing in a blending brush, unless you’re like me and have no qualms getting a little messy and using your fingers!




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