Philosophy – Beauty Products with a Great Message!

I am a philosophy girl for life. Philosophy is a company that offers high quality skin care, fragrance, and bath & body products (and no, they did not put me up to this! i just love it that much). What I love about philosophy is that they offer consistently well-made products (worth the $ in my opinion) but also offer tidbits of inspiration when I need them most. As a student who also maintains a “big girl” internship, an apartment with two very demanding cats and an even more demanding boyfriend, I find solace in the little things – my philosophy products being one of them. I love that when I get a shower, which happens to be the 5 minutes a day that I truly have to myself, and I use my “Falling in Love” body wash – I will feel luxurious and pampered, and will also get a moral boost from the lovely message that each philosophy product has that’s unique to the scent. For example, my falling in love perfume offers an abbreviated version of my large bath gel bottle which reads, “you have to love yourself before you can truly love another”. What a lovely reminder to have at the beginning of my day. (Click image to be directed to Sephora to purchase Falling in Love or any other wonderful philosophy fragrances!)


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