Meet The Parents Part 1 – What to Wear

So you’re meeting you’re guys parent’s for the first time? ;)

First things first – gather your important information. What are his parents/siblings names? If he has siblings, how old are they? Where will you be meeting his family – in their home for a low-key home cooked dinner or out at an upscale restaurant?

Once you establish where you will be meeting your beau’s family, choose an outfit the night before to avoid stress the day of the event. You definitely don’t want to offend your beau’s grandma by wearing a see-through shirt and leather mini but you do not need to sacrifice your personal style for a conservative preppy look if that’s not you either. Generally, if you try to look like someone you’re not, you won’t feel comfortable to be yourself and you won’t give off the best impression. For any type of family event, a sweet sundress, a cardigan, and wedges is always a great option (weather permitting). In the colder months or if dresses aren’t your thing, jeans (no holes!) paired with a pair of boots, a blazer, and a cute blouse conveys an aura of style, self-confidence, and respect.


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