3-day blended juice cleanse review – jus by julie

1 jus by julie morning glory2 jus by julie spicy lemonade2 jus by julie spicy pome-nade

3 jus by julie sweet spin4 jus by julie acai blend4 jus by julie chia berry

5 jus by julie choco-nana5 jus by julie island coconut6 jus by julie xtreme greens

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how to create a white space instagram

Instagram is limited in customization so I was excited when I noticed a trend on my dashboard of these super chic looking white borders in all shapes and sizes around photos that helped make Instagram look more like a curated collage rather than a camera roll. Here’s a pic of my own white space Instagram account:

You can’t achieve the border in Instagram itself and unfortunately once you have a border, Instagram filters apply color changes to the white background as well. Thankfully I found an amazing app called Afterlight that allows me to not just add whatever border I like, but I can also adjust the size, apply more sophisticated filters than what’s available on Instagram, and I can also apply basic edits like brightness and exposure. Here’s how you too can create your own white border Instagram…

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i’m alive

New city, new apartment, new job, new stressors, new thrills, new blog layout Β O_OΒ  SoΒ many lessons, so much excitement, so much to share!

The past few months have forced an evolution of sorts. Leaving Philadelphia was hard, but New York City (I like to pronounce as neeeww yaaawwkkk cittaaayyy!) has so much to offer and I’m anxious, overwhelmed, excited, sleep-deprived, etc. etc. etc.Β Let’s get to know each other once again?

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